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PGE Narodowy al. Ks. J. Poniatowskiego 1, 03-901 Warszawa




Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are technologies that have been implemented on many levels in recent years.

They are used by:
– governments
– electronics manufacturers
– shops
– ordinary people

Infoshare AI & Data Science will allow you to get to know better the technology, application and possibilities it offers.

During Infoshare AI & Data Science, you will explore the secrets of AI and Data Science, learning from some of the world’s best developers from leading global companies. The conference is created specifically for developers working on AI systems.

Learn from experts:

◽ Diego Hueltes (Ravenpack International)
◽ Ricardo Ferreira (Confluent)
◽ Robert Crowe (Google TensorFlow)
◽ Wojtek Ptak (FreshMail)
◽ Mateusz Biliński (Niebezpiecznik)
◽ Paweł Noga (

The conference is dedicated to:

◽ front- or back-end developers, software developers, testers, security specialists who wants to know the impact of AI/ML on their industry
◽ experienced developers looking for examples and experiences of technologies and methods applied in production
◽ team leaders, head of IT departments, looking for examples of use and possible applications of AI/ML in business

Discover what IS worth in AI!

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